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When You Are Really Horny

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Usually, most of us just want to masturbate and go to sleep without having to explore or have a special orgasm. It’s usually the classic approach of going to a tube porn website, clicking on a few videos and watching them before we start cumming. But what if you are looking for a different experience? An experience where you could actually interact and feel like you are really with a woman not just watching her have sex on camera. This is what LuckyCrush is all about. The website has tons of gorgeous models who are always online and ready to pair up with visitors who want to watch them live. You can literally watch women have fun with themselves or their sex toys live and feel like you are with them in the moment. That's for those who want to experience something new and want to improve the quality of their sex lives significantly. If you want to move on from boring orgasms that are repeated every day and spice up your sex life, LuckyCrush can solve that problem for you.
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Why LuckyCrush?

The website has a lot of cam models who are willing to provide their guests with a rare experience. The beauties know what they are doing and are always eager to tease and please. The girls come from all over the world and their numbers are probably in the thousands. The great thing about LuckyCrush is that you can chat with them and get to know them better through cam-to-cam viewing. You can have a voice conversation with them too and it's really easy to meet the one you are looking for. The translation feature is really great because members can chat with each other all over the world and not have to worry about a language barrier. The translation is accurate and messages sent to the other end are displayed in their own language.

How Does It Work?

On LuckyCrush, all you have to do is visit the website and your experience starts. At first, a prompt asking your gender pops up on the screen and you can choose which further takes you to another page where you can start chatting and viewing random online models. The website assigns its members random online hotties which you can start watching once you are paired with one. The chat option is what gives this experience the hands-on touch that regular porn can't give. Members can chat with the models and indulge themselves in the show where they can tease each other and request the model to dance in a certain way or strip naked for them. Members can swipe between the models and can choose the ones they find attractive and want to carry on a conversation with.
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Pros and Cons for:

  • prosEasy to use and register
  • prosNice experience
  • prosLots of amazing people to partner up with
  • consThere are no free options on the website so members must be ready to spend money to enjoy the features

Conclusion on

One thing to note on this website is that it doesn't offer subscription packages like other websites on the internet. However, you can purchase viewing minutes which members can use to continue browsing and communicating with the models. For example, if you buy a 15-minute package, it will give you that amount of minutes to view women and once you run out, you will have to purchase more to continue the conversation. Prices for the packages are $16.99 for 15 minutes which is the smallest you can purchase. Other packs are $49.99 for 45 minutes and $99.99 for 90 minutes of viewing time.